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    [AD] TopMu | Server Introduction - About Us | Season 9 | International


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    [AD] TopMu | Server Introduction - About Us | Season 9 | International

    Post by CocaColax on Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:02 pm

    We would like to present our Project before we announce news about Full server information!
    TopMu is an international private MuOnline server. This is a new and optimistic gaming server
    with 2 different experience and configuration worlds: Low: x150 and High: x1000.
    Every world will have different builds and limitations. Web Item Shop will not include
    Full Option Items because it does not like to the most of players. We are planning to be
    a long term project and will strive for the best to give our players enjoyable game play,
    helpful administration and friendly community. For more interesting game play everyone will
    have a chance to enjoy our made In Game and Forum Events and win balanced cool prizes like
    items or Topcoins for Item Shop. Server is based on Premium Season 9 Episode 2 server files
    and Premium DMN Website. Our team is professional and there will be Game Masters in game who
    will help players with answering their questions and solve any problematic situation if needed.
    Full Server Information will be posted after some days. Registration is Opened.
    You can register and follow our News on Website and be a part of our Community on Forum
    while we are working to give you chance to play in our Private Server! 
    TopMu Website Link: topmu.online
    TopMu Registration Link: topmu.online/registration

    TopMu Forum Link: forum.topmu.online
    Screen shots of Website and Game:




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