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    [AD] DiamondMu | Premium Season 8 Ep2 | x220 & x1000 | Unique features


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    [AD] DiamondMu | Premium Season 8 Ep2 | x220 & x1000 | Unique features

    Post by jakess on Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:39 am

    :About Us:
    Server with Premium Season 8 Episode 2 Server files;
    24/7 online, active and helpful administration;
    Team is full of enthusiasm and we are ready to share it;
    Interesting gameplay with fully working events with balanced drops;
    A project with desire to strive for the best and introduce more new features.

    ::::: New World 220x Opened on March 28! :::::

    Website: http://diamondmu.com/
    Forum: http://diamondmu.com/forum/
    Events: http://www.diamondmu.com/forum/index.php?/forum/10-events/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiamondMuCommunity

    :Server Information:
    Version: Premium Season 8 Episode 2
    Experience: 220x
    Drop: 30%
    Maximum Stats: 32767
    Max Master level: 50
    Master Level Experience: 2x
    Points Per Master Level: 7
    Points Per Level: 5/7/7
    After Reset: Stats Clear
    After Reset stat points: 700
    Reset Reward: 20 Credits
    Grand reset from: 50 resets
    Grand reset free points: 10000
    Grand reset reward: 6000 Credits
    Different Gens Party: Enabled
    Server valuables: ZEN / Jewels
    Monsters: Stats increased
    Monsters per spot: 5-7

    Bless: 80%
    Soul: 60%
    Life: 55%
    ?Harmony: 80%
    Items with Luck: +20%

    VIP Sub-Server (Non PvP): info soon
    Well balanced Party Experience: Bronze(BK+SM+ELF),
    Silver (BK+SM+ELF+MG), Gold (BK+SM+ELF+MG+DL/SUM or RF) !
    Hide info: inventory, location
    Vote Reward system: Get Credits by voting every day
    Referral system: Receive 10 Credits from every reset made by referral.
    Market system: Sell for Credits, Web Zen
    Shop Cart system: Add items to cart and buy them when you ready
    Online Hours system: Get Credits for every hour
    Cash Shop system: Press X ingame to open it
    Zen Wallet system: Move zen to website
    380 & 400 Level Item options: Working from 1st level (Only stats requirement)
    3rd & 4th Wings Options: Working from 1st level (Only stats requirement)
    ResetNPC: Enabled (it will not give reset reward 20 credits like in web)
    Basic Event Reward: GM box (Drop: 1x Jewel - 10x Jewels; Loch Feather)

    Castle Siege / Duel / La Cleon / Guild War / Battle Soccer / Blood Castle / Castle Siege / Chaos Castle / Cherry Blossom / CryWolf Event / Devil Square / Double Goer / Imperial Guardian / Gens Family / Golden Invation / HalloWeen Event / Kalima Event / Kanturu Event / Santa Village / Swamp Of Peace / White Wizard

    :Contact Us:
    Email: diamondmu@inbox.lv
    Skype: jakess17


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