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    [AD] DiamondMu |2 worlds |Premium Season 8 Ep2 |x1000 GRAND REOPENING!


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    [AD] DiamondMu |2 worlds |Premium Season 8 Ep2 |x1000 GRAND REOPENING! Empty [AD] DiamondMu |2 worlds |Premium Season 8 Ep2 |x1000 GRAND REOPENING!

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    [AD] DiamondMu |2 worlds |Premium Season 8 Ep2 |x1000 GRAND REOPENING! 28vvtec
    About Us:
    DiamondMu - interesting gameplay with fully working events with balanced drops.
    Spots in all maps configured specially for every world. 24/7 online, active and helpful
    administration, innovative project with desire to strive for the best and introduce more
    new features. Our team is full of enthusiasm and we are ready to share it!

    World x1000 Grand Re-Opening February 1!

    Website: http://diamondmu.com/
    Forum: http://diamondmu.com/forum/
    Events: http://www.diamondmu.com/forum/index.php?/forum/5-events/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiamondMuCommunity

    Server Information:
    Version: Premium Season 8 Episode 2
    Experience: 1000x
    Drop: 50%
    Maximum Stats: 32767
    Max Master level: 50
    Master Level Experience: 5x
    Points Per Master Level: 7
    Points Per Level: 5/7/7
    After Reset: Stats Clear
    After Reset stat points: 1000
    Grand reset from: 80 resets
    Grand reset free points: 15000
    Grand reset reward: 5000 Credits
    Different Gens Party: Enabled
    Server valuables: ZEN / Jewels
    Monsters: Stats increased
    Monsters per spot: 6-8

    Bless: 80%
    Soul: 60%
    Life: 55%
    ​Harmony: 80%
    Items with Luck: +20%

    Well balanced Party Experience: Bronze(BK+SM+ELF),
    Silver (BK+SM+ELF+MG), Gold (BK+SM+ELF+MG+DL/SUM or RF) !
    Hide info: inventory, location
    Vote Reward system: Get Credits by voting every day
    Referral system: Receive 10 Credits from every reset made by referral.
    Market system: Sell for Credits, Web Zen
    Shop Cart system: Add items to cart and buy them when you ready
    Online Hours system: Get Credits for every hour
    Cash Shop system: Press X ingame to open it
    Zen Wallet system: Move zen to website
    380 & 400 Level Item options: Working from 1st level (Only stats requirement)
    3rd & 4th Wings Options: Working from 1st level (Only stats requirement)
    ResetNPC: Enabled if website under maintenance
    Basic Event Reward: GM box (Drop: 1x Jewel - 10x Jewels; Loch Feather)

    Castle Siege / Duel / La Cleon / Guild War / Battle Soccer / Blood Castle / Castle Siege / Chaos Castle / Cherry Blossom / CryWolf Event / Devil Square / Double Goer / Imperial Guardian / Gens Family / Golden Invation / HalloWeen Event / Kalima Event / Kanturu Event / Santa Village / Swamp Of Peace / White Wizard

    Story Line:
    We are Re-Opening x1000 Server becouse it slowly died in couple of last weeks. Server started really well. With 100+ online and kept this number for long time. But sometimes you make some wrong choices / mistakes and then u are forced to watch how your work dies. We have learned as team @ DiamondMu a lot in past months. And we want to bring back people loved x1000 to its best potential.
    Server will also have new upgraded configuration. More balanced valuables. Example zen, Jewels and Items with Luck etc. Also we will avoid Maya Event farming by increasing Event fail cool down time to 6 hours and many more changes!

    Contact Us:
    Email: diamondmu@inbox.lv
    Skype: jakess17

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    [AD] DiamondMu |2 worlds |Premium Season 8 Ep2 |x1000 GRAND REOPENING! Zfmqvnxnr41qdhk5wjdc

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