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    MuOnline Season6Ep3[EXP:100] [Drop:15] Opening


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    MuOnline Season6Ep3[EXP:100] [Drop:15] Opening

    Post by muliberty on Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:49 am

    Server First RUN 05.10.2013
    At 18:00 (GMT+2)

    Version: Season 6 Episode 3
    Experience: 30x (Weekends extra exp: 5x) (Weekends extra exp VIP:10x)
    Item & Zen Drop: 15% & (VIP 20%) (Balanced drop in all maps!)
    Max stats - level - skill tree: 32767 - 400lvl - 150lvl
    Points per level: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
    Max Resets: 50
    Grand reset: each reset new bonus. Price = GR * 2k (NEW)
    Loren market: new shops, personal store allowed only here!. (NEW)
    Events: all events & new events working 100% (NEW)
    Shops: balanced for all players. No jewels & skills in shops! (NEW)
    Item drop: balanced item and jewel drop! (NEW)
    Guild Create: 160 Level
    PK: allowed.
    Gens: duprian map: lorencia, vanert map: noria & elbeland. PK free!
    Quests: new & automatic quest system with good awards. (NEW)
    GameMasters: active, helpful with great experience.
    Blood Castle
    Devil Square
    Chaos Castle
    Dragon Invasion
    Golden Dragon Invasion
    White Wizard Corps
    Kanturu Event
    Cry Wolf Event
    Illusion Temple
    Castle Siege

    ::: Commands :::
    /post - global message, which in chat window see all connected players.
    /PkClear - Clear your PK status.
    /time - Show server time.
    /addstr - add's Strenght points in the game.
    /addagi - add's Agility points in the game.
    /addvit - add's Vitality points in the game.
    /addene - add's Energy points in the game.
    /addcmd add's Command points in the game (only Dark Lord).
    /offtrade - You can logout and stay your character in game with open personal store.

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