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    [AD]Blizzardmu Season 4 Max and low server!



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    [AD]Blizzardmu Season 4 Max and low server!

    Post by klavs21 on Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:19 am

    Website: http://blizzardmu.biz/
    Forum: http://blizzardmu.biz/forum

    Server Information

    Season 4 Episode
    PVP Server Exp: 180x
    pvp2 Server Exp:MAX
    Vip Server Exp: 220x
    PVP Server Drop: 40%
    Pvp2 Server Drop:MAX
    Vip Server Drop: 60%
    Pvp server PPL 5/6/7
    pVP2 server PPL 10/10/10

    Reset information:

    Reset 1: 400lvl
    Reset 2,3,4...: 400lvl
    Grand Reset from 70 resets
    Prise item+13+All
    Save stats.
    Max Stats 65000
    Max server Max stats:32767

    New Market System
    New Quests&Events
    Balanced PvP System
    100% Working CashShop
    Vote&Reward System
    Unique Website features
    Original GMs Events & Much More!

    Contact with Administration:
    E-Mail: soulmu@inbox.lv
    Skype SoulTM (owner): mubeast
    Skype Slayer (2 owner,tech support): elvigs1
    Skype RedRox (GM & admin assistant): agris.cinavs

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