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    [AD] SoulMU Season 4.2 | Exp 120x | Drop 40% |


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    [AD] SoulMU Season 4.2 | Exp 120x | Drop 40% |

    Post by klavs21 on Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:59 pm

    SoulMu.Biz - Powered by SoulMuTM

    Server Links

    SoulMu Website: http://soulmu.biz/

    SoulMu Register: http://soulmu.biz/NmYxOTFhMmVhMGNh.DEW

    SoulMu Download: http://soulmu.biz/NzgxZjBhMmViOWQ1Mzc3MWZjY2RiMjg5MTA3ZmNh.DEW

    SoulMu Forum: http://soulmu.biz/forum/

    Servers Rates

    Experience: 120x

    BloodCastle Experience Bonus : +1x

    DevilSquare Experience Bonus: +2x

    Happy Hour Experience Bonus: +3x

    Item Drop: 40%

    Spots: GMO Like (monsters are spreaded but where you can still attack multiple mobs at the same time by covering the area with a party or wizards)

    Shops: Containing small / medium / large potions depending on map level, +6+3 starter sets, basic skills, etc

    Duel Gladiators Glory: ON

    Monsters Spawn Time: Normal

    Duel Gladiators Glory: ON

    PK Clear: On

    Reset System IN SERVER: OFF

    Global Post Level Requirement: 20

    Global Post Zen Requirement: 1000

    Server Time Command: /time

    Starter Elf Buff: 200

    Guild Level Requirement: 120

    Alliance Members Requirement: 20

    Jewel of Life Succes Rate: 60%

    Jewel of Soul Succes Rate: 50% - 60% ( 75% with luck )

    Chaos Goblin Machine Rate: 70%, 65%, 55%, 45% ( 75% with luck )

    Box of Kundun +1 Item Drop Rate: 85%

    Box of Kundun +2 Item Drop Rate: 75%

    Box of Kundun +3 Item Drop Rate: 65%

    Box of Kundun +4 Item Drop Rate: 55%

    Box of Kundun +5 Item Drop Rate: 45%

    Kundun Boss Ancient Items Drop Rate: 70%

    Selupan Items Drop: Excellent and / or Socketed Items

    Maya Hands Item Drop: Excellent 380 level items

    NightMare Item Drop: Excellent 380 level items

    Servers Features

    100% Bugless

    Original Season IV

    FREE MultiVault System

    Master Skill Tree

    Ballanced PvP

    Duel System

    Castle Siege

    CashShop (X) and PC Cafe Shop (D)

    Party Zen Bonus

    Experience Bonuses System

    Marry System


    Tarkan <> Arena and Stadium <> Arena Warp Gates Added

    Original GMO Like Events and Item Drop Rates

    New Golden Monsters based on JPN Protocol

    100% Guaranteed Long Term Server

    Servers Events

    Blood Castle: Every 3 Hours

    Devil Square: Every 4 Hours

    Chaos Castle: Every 3 Hours

    White Wizard Invasion: Every 4 Hours

    Ilusion Temple: Every 8 Hours

    Red Dragon Invasion: Every 10 Hours

    Golden Budge Dragon Invasion: Every 8 Hours

    Golden Monsters Invasion: Every 12 Hours

    Kundun Boss Event: Every 24 Hours

    NightMare Event: Every 24 Hours

    Raklion Hatchery Event: Every 48 Hours

    Moss Merchant: Everyday 17:00 GTM+2 Server Time

    Crywolf Event: Tuesday 20:00 GTM+2 Server Time - Friday 20:00 GTM+2 Server Time

    Castle Siege: Sunday 19:00 GTM+2 Server Time


    GMO was the begining . . . SoulMu.Biz is the true experience

    This is the motto that suits us best since we got GMO like settings but improved with a lot of fixes, better support and long time forgotten warp gates were re-added.

    Join SoulMu Today, Join A Truly LONG TERM Server based on low rates that is here to stay years ahead from now on and that will never be wiped without a whole community decision.

    You will not be dissapointed



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