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    [AD] KickerMU Season 3 Epi 6


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    [AD] KickerMU Season 3 Epi 6

    Post by karlowman on Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:39 am


    Server info:

    Website : kickermu.com

    KickerMU is a new fast growing server, with active and friendly Game Masters !
    If you are tired from socket system and not balanced PvP YOu will like this server for sure !

    Server Name : KickerMU
    Version: Season 3 ep 6
    Max stats: 32767
    Semi Fo. set in shop : Yes
    Semi Fo. set drop in events : Yes
    Free start point: 5 000
    New Rage Fighter: Yes
    Experience: 9999x
    Drops: 80%
    +14 +15 system: Yes
    Reset Level: 400
    Points Per Level: 5/7
    Grand Reset: Yes
    Maximum Level: 400
    Maximum Resets: 2000
    MasterSkills: No
    Socket system: No
    380 System: No
    Anime sets: No
    PK event place: Yes
    Custom sets: yes
    Box+1+2+3+4+5 in PCpoint shop: Yes
    Clear Inventory after reset level: No
    Clear Skills after reset level: No
    Transfer stats from other server :Yes
    Referal System: comming soon
    Online Hour Exchange: comming soon
    Godlike sets: comming soon
    Unique sets: comming soon

    Server Events :
    - Daily Events
    - Forum Events
    - Unique Events
    - Devil Square
    - Blood Castle
    - Chaos Castle
    - Castle Siege/Nightmare Event
    - CryWolf
    - Double Goer
    - Imperial Event
    - Raklion Event
    - Moss Merchant
    - Golden Invasion
    - White Wizard Invasion
    - Red Dragon Invasion

    More votes = More Events !
    Cheap WebShop !
    Hight Vote Reward
    Hight Daily and Forum Events Reward

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