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    [ROSE ONLINE] Hero ROSE by Hero-Enterprise Network!

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    [ROSE ONLINE] Hero ROSE by Hero-Enterprise Network!

    Post by jabbar on Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:37 pm

    Come And Join us!

    We Have a lot of features in Hero ROSE Evolution
    *server has a New Visitor Look
    *20 Hair
    *32 Faces
    *New Items
    *New Maps (Soon)
    *New Mobs
    *Exp/Zuly/Drop = 450x/530x/400x
    *Reborn at level 210
    *Active Staffs!
    *Friendly Community!


    Player Commands
    /Ani <1-20>
    /b <your message>
    /Class <class name>
    /Face <1-32>
    /Go <1-11>
    /Hair <1-20>
    /ShopType <1-5>
    /Info (will show your Character Information)
    /save (save your character but its useless too)
    /transx [0 or 1] (0 - Male 1 - Female)
    /serverinfo (show what is the information of the server)


    Website Information


    forum and website files will transfer in www.herorose.com As Soon As Possbile when we get done our new template

    and make sure that you are using a Hero ROSE Client and not others server client


    since i did not yet upload a new client so you need to download the launcher in http://www.mediafire.com/?tzmmzzeyjil and put it in your Hero ROSE Folder (C:\Program Files\Hero ROSE Setup\Hero ROSE) always put it in \Hero ROSE Setup\Hero ROSE not only in \Hero ROSE Setup\

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    Re: [ROSE ONLINE] Hero ROSE by Hero-Enterprise Network!

    Post by deyomornia on Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:09 pm

    BUmpz! links are already broken or not working.

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