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    Simple RULES!


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    Simple RULES!

    Post by Administrator on Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:02 pm

    I require anyone to read these following rules. These rules below are highly recommended!


    1. Be sure to post in the right category.
    2. Post a topic just once and only in one category.
    3. Signature that harvest info on other user is not allowed.
    4. NO personal attacks against other members.
    5. NO spamming
    6. NO pornographic material allowed
    7. NO gambling
    8. Excessive profanity is strictly prohibited
    9. Thread Hijacking is strictly prohibited. Create your own thread if you want to start a new topic.

    *1st offense = 1 week ban
    *2nd offense = 1 month
    *3rd offense = Deletion of account

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